Will there be any privacy concerns if I partner with web development companies?

Your intellectual property, product ideas, and other important data are perfectly safe when you join hands with an experienced web development company. They sign non-disclosure agreements and ensure that all compliance to quality of codes are met when you join hands with them.

Why should I trust a web development company for my new product?

Whether you are a startup, entrepreneur, product company, or a digital agency, joining hands with a web development company can help you save costs, speed up the development, and ensure the quality of codes. An outsourcing company can be your growth partner to plug any technology gap and help you achieve a competitive edge in the digital ecosystem. They can add more value to your business while you can focus on your core business functions.

Why should I opt for a web development company instead of freelancers for my project?

There are many reasons why you should choose a web development company when outsourcing your product development, digital experience requirements, or growth hacking solutions instead of freelancers. You can interview the developers and scale or reduce the team as you like with an experienced company. Web development companies have the expertise, experience, technology stack, and the skills to handle any particular requirement or even manage the complete project.

Why should I choose Classic Informatics for my project?

Classic Informatics is a leading web development company in India that is offering professional development services to companies across all sectors. We have been assisting companies in delivering a user-centered digital experience through their products for over 18 years now.

Why should I get remote developers and teams from India?

Classic Informatics is a leading web development company in India that is offering professional development services to companies across all sectors. We have been assisting companies in delivering a user-centered digital experience through their products for over 18 years now.

How Do I Find The Best Web Development Agency?

There are certain parameters that you need to keep in mind in order to find the best agency for your software development. You need to choose the company based on experience, technology stack, portfolio, and the flexibility they can offer.

Can I Hire A Single Developer from Your Company?

Yes, we have various engagement models that allow you to partner with us as you like. You can hire a single developer for your project, build your own team, get a managed team, or trust us to develop the complete product from scratch.

What is the average time you take to develop a website?

The overall time to develop a website depends on several factors. The first one is the complexity of the project. A static website usually takes less time than eCommerce websites or websites that require flash development. Some minor or major changes may increase the time limit. An average time taken by our web developer for a static website will be lesser than a website with flash and other dynamic graphics. Nevertheless, to develop complex websites such as eCommerce website takes a bit more time.



What’s your USP as web development company?

Our quality service at affordable cost is our USP. We know the value of your money and hence, we work with full dedication and devotion to turn your venture into a successful one. We have pool of experts in various technologies including php, Microsoft (.net), Java etc. Whether it is a simple, static website or a complex, eCommerce project, we never let our clients’ compromise with the quality. We put the same efforts and dedication into a static website as we do in a complex project. We provide efficient web development services in various top frameworks including the various open source PHP frameworks.

What design options you provide? Do you provide templates as options?

Yes, we do provide a few options. However, we encourage our clients to be precise in their requirements and elements on the website depending upon what, we develop a few options. This saves time and money and fastens the process of web development.

What is your architecture to design or develop the websites? Do you have different frameworks?

We use standard architecture –Mobile View Controller (MVC), a type of UI separating the representation of information from the user interaction. We do have different frameworks and use as per the project type and demand.

Can I select my preferred developer? If yes, how do I do so?

You may choose your own software development team if you’re going for an Evolving project scope model. You have to share with us the profile of the ideal candidate and we’ll schedule interviews with you and our team members.

During the execution, does your team completely rely on client to provide all the information?

No. They don’t rely 100% on you for generic cases. Most of the time and more often than not – they’ll find out the solution by seeking advice, consulting and technical help from their peers, supervisors and experienced members within the team. However, the more the team knows about long term goals and you treat them as your own team, the better they can perform. All and every expectation shared during the early stage of engagement ensures meeting them over a period easier. Nobody likes surprises and it’s the communication at an appropriate time that can cover it up.

Can you give quote over quick phone call?

Certainly. The pricing in terms of number is not a difficult. However – as you’d expect, it is not JUST about the price and quote only. The core benchmark of pricing depends on lot of factors such as composition of team, experience level required and type of engagement as well as the length of minimum commitment for the contract.

Most critically – the actual solution that needs to be developed plays a vital role here. It depends a lot on whether the solution has to be built form ground up or work is required on a system that’s already built and is live. In both cases, there are many discussions that need to happen in order to craft a perfect and transparent cost model.

How much experience do your developers carry?

We have developers from 1 year to 8 years of core programming, project management and QA experience. Many of them also have industry specific experience in terms of driving solutions catering to a domain. Having said that, our core expertise is programming. The more domain knowledge and expectations in terms of technical requirement and solution brief you provide, the better the development quality that can be exhibited.

How do I begin once I have clearly identified what type of developer / designer I need?

Once you’ve identified the type of developer to be hired, you will be presented with a few ideal candidates’ profile in form of their resume. You can decide to interview them personally and see for yourself, which candidate(s) fit in the best for your team. Once you select a candidate, the actual project on boarding process is initiated at our end. We will raise the invoice for the 1st month’s engagement. Once you make the payment, the developer will be introduced to you and on the same day – you can start working with the member of the team assigned to you. Please refer to the on boarding graphic in this presentation or contact us for more detailed info.

Do you keep a check on my developers?

We have different teams called “Clusters” in place, where developers of similar skills or technology stack be supervised by a Cluster Head. The Cluster Head keeps a daily check on engagement of all team members working with him, to ensure they are fully engaged and facilitate the work. You can also ask them about an update and take their inputs during the engagement period.